protocol concept to enable decentralization and expansion of a giving economy and a new social good

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Welcome to ABISprotocol.

Project Plan of Action, Inter-System Specification with Code Suggestions

To donate to this project from any bitcoin wallet, send to (hover over block at right of bar below to reveal QR code):

Our First Implementation:

Bytecoin [BCN] Wallet Microdonations in Graphical Wallet v.1.0.8

Our Supporters:



Mondo Cellars

Software Projects We Are Collaborating With:

bytecoin (BCN) ~ discussion

cjbauer/idmas - Identity Management System based on BIP0032

libbitcoin-explorer [decentralized giving - original code contributed to spesmilo/sx - tools]

spesmilo/sx - tools [decentralized giving] (Repository no longer available)

How to Contact Us:

Please consider using Github to contact us. Alternatively, you can chat to ABISprotocol@dukgo.com (not used to receive e-mail) by using the following recommended programs: Chatsecure, Adium, or Pidgin with OTR. If you use PGP, contact using the following: 0x6c70abf8a7486f02